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Acupuncture Websites

Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture - indepth news converage on alternative medicine.
Acupuncture Today - features the latest acupuncture news and information.
Acuxo - includes meridian listings, point combinations, images, and accupuncture references.
NCCAOM - official site of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine - offers information on acupuncture degrees and programs.
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture - integrates traditional and modern acupuncture with western medical practice, creating a comprehensive approach.

Acupuncture Products

GoAcupuncture - offers over 600 acupuncture and herb products.
Acupuncture Shop (world wide) - needles, books, posters, models, and more.
AcuMedic - offering Chinese healthcare products, books, and medical equipment. Includes online ordering.
Qpuncture - offering a range of acupunture-related software, books, herbs, and more.
Nutrilab - offering electro-acupuncture devices as well as dietary supplement.

Acupuncture News

WHO to Promote Alternative Medicine
Large Study Shows Many Find Acupuncture Effective
Acupuncture Does Help Smokers Quit
Needling Away at Lower Back Pain -By Colette Bouchez

Acupuncture Articles

Acupuncture: An Ancient Healing Art for Today -By Michael Gaeta, LAc, LCN
General Information on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
What is Oriental Medicine

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